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INITIAL’s senior team is made up of deep thinkers who have strategized, designed, and developed innovative real estate projects on the international stage for many years. We work globally for visionary developers, helping them realize inspired projects that serve the owner, the users, and the surrounding community.

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JF Garneau,

JF, is Chief Development Officer and founder of INITIAL Real Estate, an innovative strategic planning and project development company that bridges the worlds of creativity, research and business. JF brings 30 years of diversified experience in real estate development and planning, mainly for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Working with land owners, private and public institutions as well as with visionary developers around the globe, he has created development strategies and provided creative direction for projects in Europe, India, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, the US and Canada.

He has been involved in the creation of many compelling and memorable large-scale urban mixed-use projects, sports facilities as well as high-end resort-oriented hospitality and residential real estate projects on three continents. His background in architecture, urban design, and his experience in real estate development and operations management, have allowed him to develop a unique expertise in finding creative solutions to complex real estate problems, strategies and the creation of compelling and memorable places.

A proven leader, strategic thinker and team builder, JF’s international experience has allowed him to build a global network of partners and professionals.

Passionate about urban mixed-use, resort planning and hospitality industries, he is also a keen study on the creation of cities, towns, villages and the future of “people places” everywhere.

JF holds a degree in Applied Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Laval University, Canada, and has studied Architecture and Urban Design at Université de Paris VIII.


Lorne Bassel,

Lorne is President and CEO of Crave Real Estate, a real estate development, asset management and investment company, and has close to three decades of real estate development experience in both urban and resort locations throughout the world.

As a Principal and co-founder of INITIAL, Lorne’s extensive real estate development experience, his knowledge and passion for creating people places and village centered master planned communities, as well as his extensive global network, guides the INITIAL team.

Prior to founding Crave and INITIAL, Lorne was the Executive Vice President of Intrawest Corporation, where he led (then bankrupt) Mont-Tremblant Ski resort to becoming North America’s top rated resort in the Northeast. He is also one of the founders of the Intrawest Placemaking Division where during his tenure, he was responsible for the creation of more than 20 Intrawest resorts throughout North America and Europe. He led Intrawest’s Village People Commercial teams, Hotel branding division, Human Resources and Innovation and Growth.

Lorne is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from village centered resort developments to retail planning.

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